Welcome to PROJECTR. This is the site of our International company.

Back in April 2016, a way forward for greater collaboration within the virtual reality community was devised to accelerate innovation in the wider XR sector. Creating the PROJECTR® brand and concept in New Zealand, Michael Gregg started on a journey that led to the launch of PROJECTR® Wellington in 2017 and is now reaching out offshore.

Michael is now working to establish PROJECTR® XR Centres in strategic locations around the globe to provide international collaboration, support for VR startups and global connectivity. These centres are designed to be soft landing pads and digital trade routes for New Zealand XR startups seeking to succeed in a fast-growing global market.

PROJECTR XR Centres are established and run independently.
You can contact the PROJECTR® Wellington team via this email.
To contact PROJECTR® Auckland, use this email.
For PROJECTR® Taipei enquiries (still under development), please use this email.

Each PROJECTR® XR Centre maintains its own website and social media channels. Visit these sites to follow our global growth.

Each Centre licenses the PROJECTR® Registered Trademark from Projectr International Ltd in order to operate under this brand.


Beyond New Zealand’s two sites in Wellington and Auckland, we are establishing PROJECTR® XR Centers in the strategic locations of Taipei, Singapore and Los Angeles.  These sites will allow New Zealand companies to establish branch offices in key strategic offshore locations. We’re also talking with prospective partners in exotic locations like Chengdu and Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand to further extend our network.

Contact us to talk about how we can partner with you to establish a PROJECTR® XR Center in your region. Our cross-reality tech hubs can be installed as a standalone venue, a mini-club for digital nomads with shared interests in immersive technologies, or situated within an existing incubator or co-working location.


Because technology adoption is global, connectivity must be too.

To facilitate this, PROJECTR® International is opening tech hubs in partnership with like-minded collaborators around the world, focused on connecting the virtual, cinematic, mixed and augmented reality fields, collectively referred to as Cross Reality or XR.

At PROJECTR® International, our vision is to establish inspirational workplaces, operated in tandem with local partners.

These specialist XR venues accelerate innovation in VR/AR and aid knowledge transfer, deliver faster commercialisation, better flow of venture capital and build a framework for deeper cooperation between countries and regions.

Much more that just co-workspaces, PROJECTR® XR Centers transfer talent from universities and other disciplines into the AR/VR sector and deliver cross-disciplinary education to our residents.  There are many positive outcomes from the exchanges that can happen between countries hosting our PROJECTR® XR Centers and between the resident companies of these tech hubs.

For XR sector organisations & individuals
Our PROJECTR® XR Centers may be able to assist if you are in the XR sector and need to:
– set up a workspace or need a casual desk,
– access events space,
– are seeking R&D support for a project,
– relocate teams internationally,
– showcase technologies (locally or offshore),
– access the latest VR tools,
– rapid prototype your hardware concepts, or
– secure venture capital or project funding.

For organisations working outside the XR Sector
If you are seeking to commission a VR or AR project or to undertake a collaborative research and development project that uses immersive technologies,

Our Centers don’t directly undertake project management or company mentoring; rather we refer to local organisations who can undertake these services for you.

For partners
If you would like to discuss partnering to open a PROJECTR® XR Center with us, please contact us to discuss possible structures and outline the benefits that our network can deliver.


Snippets from PROJECTR

We’ve been busy behind the scenes working in various regions to make PROJECTR® successful. Here’s some news snippets from across the business: At PROJECTR® Wellington, a series of three collaborative projects are underway for a distinguished New Zealand Government entity. These involve over half of the resident companies at that Centre and were secured by …

Whats New in PROJECTR® Wellington

PROJECTR® Wellington has undergone a significant refurbishment, welcomed a new wave of residents and is finalising two major collaborative R&D programmes. All since March, and overseen by our Managing Director, Michael Gregg, a founder/director of Projectr VR Ltd which operates the New Zealand centre. New residents include Maggle Creative (AR specialists with their Scope-X platform), …


For more information about a partnership with Projectr International Ltd to establish a vibrant PROJECTR® XR Center within your city, incubator or existing co-working space, please email create@projectr.international.