Because technology adoption is global, connectivity must be too.

To facilitate this, PROJECTR® International is opening tech hubs in partnership with like-minded collaborators around the world, focused on connecting the virtual, cinematic, mixed and augmented reality fields, collectively referred to as Cross Reality or XR.

At PROJECTR® International, our vision is to establish inspirational workplaces, operated in tandem with local partners.

These specialist XR venues accelerate innovation in VR/AR and aid knowledge transfer, deliver faster commercialisation, better flow of venture capital and build a framework for deeper cooperation between countries and regions.

Much more that just co-workspaces, PROJECTR® XR Centers transfer talent from universities and other disciplines into the AR/VR sector and deliver cross-disciplinary education to our residents.  There are many positive outcomes from the exchanges that can happen between countries hosting our PROJECTR® XR Centers and between the resident companies of these tech hubs.

For XR sector organisations & individuals
Our PROJECTR® XR Centers may be able to assist if you are in the XR sector and need to:
– set up a workspace or need a casual desk,
– access events space,
– are seeking R&D support for a project,
– relocate teams internationally,
– showcase technologies (locally or offshore),
– access the latest VR tools,
– rapid prototype your hardware concepts, or
– secure venture capital or project funding.

For organisations working outside the XR Sector
If you are seeking to commission a VR or AR project or to undertake a collaborative research and development project that uses immersive technologies,

Our Centers don’t directly undertake project management or company mentoring; rather we refer to local organisations who can undertake these services for you.

For partners
If you would like to discuss partnering to open a PROJECTR® XR Center with us, please contact us to discuss possible structures and outline the benefits that our network can deliver.