Colab-ing with PROJECTR®

We’re really excited about the positive interest in the PROJECTR® model from from around the globe right now. This post will help explain how we’re partnering with existing SSaaS (Shared Space as a Service) operators, shared ‘generalist or non-tech’ workspaces and co-working venues and property owners with a floor to fill.

At present we’re looking for prime quality, centrally situated, tech-centric locations in major cities including London, Shenzhen, Chengdu in Mainland China and in Melbourne, Australia.

Incubator/Accelerator Operators
Adding a PROJECTR® XR Center into your existing facilities will increase return and utilisation of existing resources whilst providing wraparound services for our residents, beyond the technical support we provide. We provide the immersive technologies and technical support staff, international linkages, access to our partner network and benefits of a shared vision to accelerate commercial success in VR/AR.

If you run a government-funded or -operated incubator venue, adding a PROJECTR® workspace within your existing floor plate will add resident diversity, cross-disciplinary skills transfer, keep your venue in the media and reduce the chance of a separate XR workspace being launched in your district. We have the experience in shared workspaces, collaborative technology projects and commercialisation that will set you apart.

Property Owners
We can provide a rental return for your central CBD office space by partnering to establish a PROJECTR® XR Center at your location. We need a clean floorspace, decent footprint (400sqm minimum). An alternative option for a smaller space is for us to install a ‘pop-up’ concept version to trial the facility, or to be utilised for a major in-house project.

Existing Co-working Venues
We may be able to add a simple PROJECTR® XR Center within your current co-working venue, expanding as demand dictates.

Existing AR/VR Workspaces
Partnering with Projectr International provides shared sponsorship opportunities, revenue streams from international collaborative projects, marketing and brand support, access to latest technology and could reduce your existing per resident costs. Let’s talk about how we could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your venue by taking a PROJECTR® XR Center license.