PROJECTR® Los Angeles

We’re bringing PROJECTR® to Los Angeles as our first site in the USA. The traditional home of the global movie industry has been an early adopter of augmented and virtual reality (AVR), and of course cinematic reality (CR). Plus we just love California.

We’ve watched cross reality (XR) reach out over the past couple of years beyond promoting big screen blockbusters to deliver powerful immersive brand experiences and thrilling games content. As the boundaries of entertainment content blur, XR is becoming part of an opaque, cross-discipline media offering.

So we’re planning for PROJECTR® Los Angeles to be a hub for filmmakers wanting to work alongside XR innovators from around the globe, to take advantage of cross-collaborative opportunities, to assist to educate each other and ultimately to create brand new businesses to drive innovation within the global advertising and entertainment industries from LA.

Whether you’re working on projects involving volumetric holographic capture or 3D asset acquisition/photogrammetry or augmented reality platforms for filmmaking, Los Angeles already has a strong network of facilities, infrastructure and innovators. We’re hoping PROJECTR® Los Angeles will only add to the strong fabric enveloping the exciting California XR sector.

We’ve got our eyes on some super-cool space that’s opening up soon, and are hopeful to get commercial negotiations cracking shortly. We can’t give you a date on the opening just yet, but if you would like to know more about being a foundation resident in PROJECTR® Los Angeles, please drop us a note with a little background on your particular XR interest and we’ll keep you updated.

If you’re currently travelling the world, please consider an interim base in New Zealand at PROJECTR® Wellington (we can put you in touch with the right people there) or our PROJECTR® Taipei venue while we get the LA building, processes and talent sorted. Or talk to Upload VR who are completely awesome industry innovators with loads of great gear and sites in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If you produce high quality 360VR content for the travel industry, we may already have an exciting project for you to collaborate on with an exciting global VR sector startup.

And with PROJECTR® XR Centers opening in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia during 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to be closer to those burgeoning markets. By joining as a resident of PROJECTR® Los Angeles, you can access our other facilities as you require – whether it’s just for a casual visit or a longer term stay.

For prospective partners, we’re working with a wide range of virtual reality and computing technology brands to be part of the PROJECTR® journey. If you would like your technology or entertainment brand to be part of PROJECTR® Los Angeles, we welcome your contact by phone or email to request a formal sponsorship or partnership proposal from us. We would be delighted to provide a tailored proposal after an initial discussion.

Roll on, PROJECTR® LA! We’re super excited about this venue.