Whats New in PROJECTR® Wellington

PROJECTR® Wellington has undergone a significant refurbishment, welcomed a new wave of residents and is finalising two major collaborative R&D programmes. All since March, and overseen by our Managing Director, Michael Gregg, a founder/director of Projectr VR Ltd which operates the New Zealand centre.

New residents include Maggle Creative (AR specialists with their Scope-X platform), M Theory from Auckland (VR/AR innovation agency), Simon Che de Boer (globally-recognised VR Director), Peter Houston (360/VR Director), Daniel Monaghan (iOS ARkit developer), and a return to PROJECTR Wellington by Pete Black from BeVR.

They join Polytronik (VR/AR, games and creative production studio), Rachel Hatch from VR Kiwi (Trekkr VR treadmill technology), HipLee (augmented reality fashion solution), Klarity Design, Swibo (balance board technology), 3DFY.me (full body 360 volumetric scanning solution), Victoria University (Wellington’s largest University), and the desk of the Executive Director of the NZVRARA.

New way-finding and brand signage has been installed as well as complete furniture refurbishment of one of the two current workspaces. The Centre is also sporting some new technology with an additional computer, network switch, and two new HTC Vive’s purchased to showcase the residents recent work.

Initial projects for two major new research & development programmes with major New Zealand entities are about to begin. These wide-ranging programmes will involve many of the residents, and demonstrate the broad expertise across this collaborative community of XR professionals.

The search is on for a new Community Manager – to be appointed ahead of a busy programme of events and tours during April/May.

After a first year of promoting AR/VR to New Zealand, this first PROJECTR® XR Centre in Wellington, New Zealand is now firmly focused on its vision of creating a world-class specialist immersive technology hub, delivering tangible, commercial value back to a fast-growing resident population.