Update on PROJECTR Taipei Opening

We spent this week in Taipei with a small group of company founders from the New Zealand XR industry.

The squirrels are tearing around while Black Crowned Night Herons quietly stalk the shallows of the many ponds that feature in the extensive memorial gardens dotted throughout the city. It’s a lovely time to be in Taipei, with spring blossoms, temperate weather throughout the day and low humidity.

We managed to get around quite a few senior teams across the XR and technology manufacturing sector with some fantastic pledges of support for the PROJECTR® concept.

With a focus on global virtual reality experiences and ultra-premium creative content, PROJECTR® Taipei is going to be a valuable XR Showcase venue. We’re now firmly in pre-launch project management phase with a huge amount to complete before the doors open. We’ve made sure to build a ‘brandwall’ to promote our sponsors and partners, we’re adding a large VR/presentation room, plus a barista-quality coffee machine to celebrate Taipei’s coffee culture.

We’ve had early registrations of interest from five companies wanting to reside here, and it promises to be an interesting mix of local and expat talent. We can’t wait to make a formal announcement as soon as we can.