XR Innovation in Taiwan

The winding queues of impatient teens stretched well beyond the vast doors of Taiwan’s Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center. Inside the bowels of this massive structure, high-end next-generation VR headsets and the latest immersive games technologies are being proudly paraded in front of an eager throng of believers. Outside, the pandemonium of promotional jingles blasting from moving billboard trucks, smiling actors dressed as super hero’s or cult figures and the hubbub of an excited crowd only adds to the occasion.

Witnessing the cacophony that is the 2018 Taipei Games Show (January 25-29) was all the proof needed to demonstrate the powerful pull of console and VR games with an insatiable Taiwanese consumer audience.

With games companies recording record profits from their Northeast Asia releases, it’s clear the opportunity of the Taiwan market is significant, not just for those producing games content, but for a broader group of VR/AR producers who can leverage the bevy of early adopters soaking up immersive tech.

An Active Ecosystem
Alongside a thriving group of games development companies feeding this demand is an active immersive eco-system of VR arcade content developers, VR theme park operators, VR film and content creators, plus a heavyweight contingent of hardware head offices and manufacturers.

Rockstar Taiwan tech producers include Acer, ASUS, MSI, Razer, HTC, the StarVR joint venture, NVIDIA, Quanta, Compal, D-Link, Foxconn, Gigabyte Technology, Mediatek, Phison, and Ritek, who are all investing in development and manufacture of innovative technologies within Taiwan. It’s a hotbed of tech investment, rapid prototyping centres, commercialisation support systems and refreshingly knowledgeable conversation on the positive future of cross reality.

Projectr International CEO Michael Gregg visits HTC HQ (Jan 2018).

Companies such as AMD, HTC, Acer and NVIDIA are investing in developing the global and local XR ecosystem, making Taipei an exciting hub to discover, experience and be part of creating the latest cross reality features, fads and even fables!

Demonstrating their leadership, HTC’s Vive-X program recently announced a third batch of VR-related investments, totalling some 92+ startups, making that company one of the world’s leading industrial accelerators.

Taiwan is packed with innovators including iStaging (real estate AR tour platform) and Funique VR (production studio). There’s a heady crowd producing educational and training apps, 360/VR travel content and the highly supportive AVR Association, TAVAR.

All this makes Taiwan a high profile location for us to establish PROJECTR® Taipei as a collaborative tech hub, but not just for local XR companies, educators, and investors to utilise. An XR Center open to the world.

PROJECTR® Taipei is for New Zealand innovators wanting to take hardware products to market, or as a place to build up a competent team of local interaction designers and developers who understand the power of the Northeast Asia market. It’s a place to collaborate across languages, with supportive mentoring mixed with super-fast fibre and free coffee.

It is for the world’s digital nomads who want to visit the place voted the best expat location in 2016. It’s for those looking for a Kiwi landing pad within a friendly city to cheaply live in, to work and travel around with ease. And with access to the very latest technology and globally significant technology companies.

If you would like to be part of PROJECTR® Taipei, drop us a line. The venue will fill up fast and we’ll be operating on a first up, first in basis, subject to consideration of your particular XR interests and best fit with our other PROJECTR® Taipei residents.